Tutorial Photoshop: Techniques Texturing and Shading

Tutorial Photoshop: Learn Techniques of Texturing and Shading. In this Photoshop tutorial instructor Rayce Bird of Lynda .com shares Photoshop techniques you can use to add texture and properly shade a variety of materials and surfaces—whether fibrous, hard, translucent, three-dimensional, or organic.

Tutorial Photoshop-Texturing and Shading Techniques

Photoshop artboard preparation to import reference images, how shaders, highlights, shadows, color, and subsurface scattering can be pulled to create textures and shading. You can get Adobe Photoshop CC full version or portable Photoshop CC. Also get Photoshop tutorial Photoshop CC 2017 One-on-One: Fundamentals.

Learn how to set up seamless Photoshop textures and flats, and how to adjust Photoshop linework, colors, and values.

Even more, you can learn Photoshop base shading and highlighting steps to control lighting and filter shadows. Learn the Photoshop techniques for refinements of your work and give a final fine touches.

Publisher: Lynda.com

Instructor: Rayce Bird

Example files: Exist

Photoshop Techniques Texturing and Shading Topics include:

  1. Artboard set up;
  2. Cleaning up lines
  3. Material shaders in action;
  4. Working with base highlights and shadows;
  5. Seamless textures set up;
  6. Generating color and surface texture;
  7. colors and values Balancing;
  8. Transparency Handling;
  9. Adjusting main light source;
  10. Highlights and shadows refining;
  11. Working with specularity and roughness;


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